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Goodbye Newgrounds

2015-09-13 13:03:24 by Anth0n

Most likely, I won't be submitting music here anymore. Follow me on Soundcloud:

Crazy Coincidence

2011-07-30 19:55:00 by Anth0n

I was talking to my coworker about making music, so I linked him to my music page. I only just recently met him, but turns out he already knew my Newgrounds alias years ago. How weird is that?

While I'm posting, I may as well promote my new track: Eastern Emergence


2010-11-21 11:40:12 by Anth0n

Thanks to everyone who added Metal Ghost as a favorite audio track. The number of favorites it has is more than any of my other songs now (previously, the most favorited song was Apocalypse Storm).

Compression Power!

2009-06-21 02:37:53 by Anth0n

I'm experimenting with compressors now, and it's making my songs sound a whole lot better! I updated my two most recent songs as of this post (Don't Look Back, To the Top) by adding compressors, so be sure to check them out. From now on my future songs will have compressors used.

New percussion!

2009-06-09 17:07:22 by Anth0n

Years ago I had good percussion, and only until recently did I realize that for my recent works the percussion I used is pretty bad. So I got new percussion and it sounds so much better! I can have harder kicks and snares without distortion now.

Clearer Songs

2009-03-18 22:52:22 by Anth0n

I've decided to make my songs clearer from now on by lowering the volume. Already did it with a few of my most recent, so check them out. Would do it for more songs if I still had the original files for them.

My Music On Flash Flash Revolution Plus Other News

2008-07-11 07:37:58 by Anth0n

So yesterday I was contacted by someone from about using my song Cyclone Escape (and possibly a couple other ones too) in Flash Flash Revolution! If you've never heard of the site, it features a flash version of DDR (with some other stuff). The site was started in 2002 and currently has over 1.5 million users. So this is a pretty exciting event for me, and you will likely see my song(s) in the game just a few months from now!

Neer, Neer Neer Neer

2008-06-17 15:23:33 by Anth0n

Neer, Neer Neer Neer

Epic new song: Apocalypse Storm

2007-09-23 21:24:42 by Anth0n

Apocalypse Storm

There's my newest song, I worked pretty hard on it. Definitely better than my last submission a few days ago, which was crappy. Hope the goodness of this one can compare to Cyclone Escape. Your comments/reviews for the song are appreciated!